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In this hurried world, abundant with stress and worry, our wellbeing sometimes may be at stake.


The synergy between Body, Mind and Spirit tends to be neglected often in nowadays medicine. Whether you are in a good place in your life or facing some obstacles, finding a great, caring team of professionals might be a complex task.


We are truly glad to introduce the Green Med Spa extraordinary team of caring professionals, great spirits, and amazing individuals, who each in their own way contribute to your wellbeing and improved health. Green Med Spa is carefully designed in a way that, as you step in, it transcends you into another world, a world of calm, peace and tranquility, away from everything mundane.


Your treatment will be tailored to your specific needs, under the care of a Medical Professional, and might include body, energy medicine work, reflexology, nutritional and psychological counseling, esthetics services, and much more. Products used at our spa are of the highest quality, organic, and all ingredients are carefully checked by our team.


At Green Med Spa, we listen attentively to your body, mind, and soul, helping you create your own path to wellness. Embrace a journey of rejuvenation and balance with us.


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