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with Srba Brasovan, MD
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Human Bio BioField Measurement

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Chakras Before Treatment

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After Treatment

Map and see your Bio Field (fluctuating halo of energy extending up to 5ft from your body)

Check energetic health of your organs, find the weak link, align your chakras, find the root cause.

Device used for testing: Bio-Well machine

 - anti aging

 - female menopause / hormonal misbalance

- male menopause / hormonal misbalance 

- immune system status

- root cause finding

- anxiety

- mystery cases (undiagnosed)


Initial Visit: $180 (60 min)

F/up Visit:  $130  (60min)

cash /card pay

NO insurances taken

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Srbislav Brasovan, MD FACOG

Gynecology, Integrative medicine, Ayurveda

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Organ Energetic Scan


Map your organs and see their energies.


If too low : it may show weakness/illness or if too high: overworking /overcompensating.

You can measure organ energies and detect a weak link sometimes even when before the actual disease happens.

Find out what you may prevent or restore.

The Bio-well is not a medical device and should be one of many different approaches you should use to analyze your health. In case of serious health concerns, consult with your doctor. However, currently it is roughly at 80% precision which is very impressive.
This also means that in 20% of cases the information the device tells may not correlate with their actual state. 
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