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Stresses and strains, concussions, and trauma can tighten body tissues, distorting the craniosacral system and creating tension around the brain and spinal cord. Such restrictions can be detected and corrected using simple methods of touch. Our CST practitioner uses light touch techniques to evaluate the craniosacral system by gently feeling various locations of the body to test for the ease of motion and rhythm of the cerebrospinal fluid pulsing around the brain and spinal cord.

CST may alleviate a wide variety of dysfunctions for adults and kids such as:

Sleep issues, Sensory processing, Anxiety, Depression, Tics, Concussions, Sports Injuries, Trauma, ADHD  etc.   For babies -  it may unwind and release tension patterns from in the womb and delivery: torticolis, colics, constipation, traumatic birth, and tongue ties (before and after the release) 

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