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Fascial Stretch Therapy or FST™ is a relaxing table-based manual stretch therapy system that achieves optimal flexibility, pain relief, strengthens imbalances and improves overall performance in life.  FST stretches not only the muscles, but the fascia; the connective tissue that surrounds the muscles, ligaments, and targets deep into the joint capsule. 


FST uses undulating movements known as stretch waves; a unique system that focuses on each individual needs.  Fascial Stretch Therapy benefits a wide range from young children, to athletes and the elderly.  Clinical studies have proved that fascia thickens over time, aiding in the individuals deficits and every day stressors in life.



  • Reduce Pain

  • Increase Range of Motion

  • Improve Muscle Function

  • Improved Posture

  • Increased Circulation

  • Muscular Balance and Symmetry

  • Decrease Compression and Impingements in the Joints

  • Reduced Risk of Injury

  • Improved Performance

  • Increased Energy

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